The storm that brought the east coast into twenty-ten was like a dream. Delicately falling snowflakes day after day after day. The Little Brick House was peaceful, in other words… not a whole lot of work was getting done. Sometimes life gets in the way of 2nd home renovations.
I have about twenty (20) items ready to roll into the project and Bill has ten(10) items to get done before any of them can be completed. Patience is a virtue. (3) wallpapers; (1) wall mural; (3) painted floors; (1) painted stairwell; and (12) window curtains…
Bill has continued his investigations in the basement. There was more to be cleaned off the dirt floor, bags full of old bricks, wood, wires, pipes, etc. Now the dirt floor can breathe and Bill can see the ebb and flow of our basement creek. It’s looking like the water table sits 5″ below the floor. In the recent storm, it was about one inch below! Our house floats.
We received a very thorough assessment of the brick house exterior from our brick mason, Duncan Trails. He will begin work next month and continue to update us as things unfold. His 10-page document included quotes from brick house experts. His approach to a written proposal is so thoughtful that it gives us confidence in his skill and approach to this project.