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Jeanne Finnerty is an exceptionally talented interior designer. She has a brilliant eye for color, pattern, and texture combinations, and the fabrics, wallpapers, woods, stones, ceramics, and paint colors that she brings together are always beautiful and often stunning. Her sense of space and of the way that cabinetry and furnishings fill a room’s volume is highly perceptive, and she is a gifted artist who draws detailed and accurate sketches quickly and effortlessly. These skills are especially helpful as she works through the creative process with her clients. Perhaps most importantly, Jeanne is an excellent listener who is able to understand and nurture her clients’ individual tastes and preferences. I’ve worked with Jeanne for six years, and I trust her completely to understand both my functional needs and my personal style. Her designs meet my practical needs with a beauty that goes beyond what I imagine on my own, but that is always completely consistent with my tastes. Finally, Jeanne has a cheerful, can-do attitude and a delightful sense of humor. It is always a pleasure to work with Jeanne.

– Ryan T., Cambridge, MA