We finally said Buh-bye to our c.1998 Florida Room*. Bill dismantled it piece by piece in late August and our go-to guy, Gordon, carted it away with hopes to re-install it or re-sell it. This de-installation will give the interior of the future Family Room a much better view to the yard as well as additional natural light.

The west elevation of our house is rid of its unsuitable appendage…the vinyl siding is gone…and we can now see the barn. What a beautiful thing. After Bill stripped and prepared everything-and figured out how he wanted it to look, our neighbor, Ed Somers**, came back to help us.

Bill also cut away two-thirds of a very well-built deck…and saved one third of it for our future screen porch. This will be a very nice place for Indie the cat to sit and dream, and a very nice place for us, too.

The door opening will remain as is…and be replaced with a large window. The new siding is vertical barn board, made of pine. It has a finely textured surface. It will remain natural for now. Why decide now when we can decide later? The opening will remain, but, be a window rather than a door (because the furniture plan will work better this way). Trust me.

*We saw the Florida Room like the c. 1980 microwave we bought with the house-
not much of an asset.
**Check for Ed Somer’s name in ’09 archives.