There is a lot to do and see in Bridgton. On a recent Sunday we took a long walk through the woods and toured an adirondack style home on Highland Lake-with permission of the owner, of course. At the turn of the 20th century it was built as – and remains – a summer property.

We came upon the boat house first. It’s steep green roof and deep eaves hovers on the water like it has just landed. Next up were the changing rooms. The whole structure is built from stacked birch logs – row after row. The doors completely disappear into the walls. We walked along the lake and came to front of the main house.

As one would expect, it was securely prepared for the winter months. The trim boards were simple and painted green. Large window openings with two-over-two sashes look out at the lake. The double entry door and double screen door – centered on the large porch is made of a narrow, vertical beadboard. On a side deck there was a sweet handrail made from timber posts and twigs.

As you walk down the sloped property to the back- the house gets taller and more complex. Multiple roof peaks and three large chimney’s appear. The weathered shingles
mix with the newly replaced shingles in random a pattern. We were trying our best to figure out the interior room configuration. The interior tour will have to wait until summer.

Keep checking back for Adirondack Style- Part-two.