We have one very special kitty-cat. She travels with us everywhere. It started with to-and-from our studio. She has also been to The Ryan’s for dinner; to Sunapee, NH for the annual cook-out; and to sleep-overs at my mom’s condo.

She is particularly fond of The Little Brick House. Her eyes feast on birds, wild turkeys, skunks, and early-morning foxes. She made friends with a little spunky chipmunk and brought him into the house to introduce us-twice.

She loves chasing, catching, and sometimes eating, bugs. She is so fast, bugs really don’t have a chance. Indie can bring down a fly in 30 seconds.

She is an indoor cat, but, we bring her outside, occasionally. Sometimes in the crate. Sometimes on a leash. Sometimes on our shoulders.

Indie has a new best friend at the studio. Greta Pannebaker is a sweet and gentle rescue dog who-like everyone we know-loves Indie. The first time they met, we could tell theirs was a special bond.

Indie was rescued by a good citizen in July 2010. She was about 8 weeks old and had a wound of unknown origin. She was quarantined for six months. My sister, Dr. Kathy, and others at the Park Place Veterinary Hospital** loved her big personality and knew she needed a fun and active home. Thanks, Kathy, we love Indie!

*Short for Independence…she was found on July 5th.
**in Keene, NH.