Our “rambling” farmhouse layout has it’s virtues. Although the property lines restrict growth to the north and south, the house is generally one room deep. Almost every room has sunny, southern exposure and all the closets are on the north side. (They don’t site ’em like they used to…)

Another benefit in this linear plan is that it feels and acts bigger than it’s square footage. The first floor Living Room will easily transform into a private Guest Room when needed. We have nicknamed the Living Room, “Mom’s Room”, because it is where my Mom will sleep, and where Bill’s Mom’s beautiful pastel portrait will hang.

The Dining Room has great potential to double as a home office. It is the center connection of the house and would be a great, energized work space. (There has been some talk of a Rufus Porter*-style mural in this space.)

The Kitchen (likely an original timber-frame structure) sits west of the Dining Room, and has a “porch” connected on the south side. I hope we can keep this space wide-open and ceiling “peaked”, (There has been talk of needing more closet storage, and Phil Kimball* really wants a Powder Room.) with a nice, long, Dining table for gatherings.

Lastly, the “Barn”, otherwise known as the “Family Room” which will be the space of all spaces, the room to which all other rooms will be judged from this day forward. As you can see, the architect-interior designer couple have some big ideas. We love the scale of the space, and potential views and connection to the yard…let me just say, it’s going to be great.

I can’t wait to get started!

*Rufus Porter, 1792-1884 artist and inventor, www.rufusportermuseum.org

*Dr. Phil Kimball, b. 1956 dedicated friend and home-building enthusiast