Renovating a home is not all about working…you need to have some fun along the way. In November, we invited Bill’s UNH crowd to our house for a Clayhouse Vineyards wine tasting (compliments of Cathy Paris). In our partially-renovated, temporary kitchen, there was enough wine and chatter to keep us warm and plenty of seating and tasting areas…thanks to a red bench and a pair of oak tables.

In mid-October Bill spotted an 8′ long bench outside of “Harry Barker’s Emporium”.*
Coincidentally, it was the same weekend we borrowed my sister Lisa’s Range Rover. It was a sign…it fit perfectly in the back of the truck and it fit perfectly in our kitchen!
We also acquired a pair of oak tables from Salem Country Club in October. The club, also under renovation, offered some gently-used furniture to its members. We jumped at the chance to have a little memorabilia from the grille room in our Little Brick House kitchen.

It is fun to entertain during a renovation. Everything is forgiven. The window openings…covered with rigid insulation; walls are primed and wait for a final coat of paint; the floors… half-way to knowhere; and the heat…barely there. Our friends don’t mind…it involves them in the process to see the house in an unfinished state. They wait in anticipation for the next gathering.
*a group antique shop on Main Street in Bridgton, in partnership with Harvest Hills Animal Shelter