The Little Brick House has a nice size kitchen. 19 x 14 will be plenty large for all kitchen activities…cooking, eating, gatherings, game nights, and laundry. (Yes, laundry.) No longer is the laundry room banished to the basement or a far away room in the house where nobody wants to be. Rather than putting a wall up and closing down the kitchen, we decided to go open and spacious.

We had a plan to wait and just make it a little brighter by painting the walls a lighter color.
Then one day, Bill cleaned the existing cabinetry (with a toothbrush) and asked me, “what color we should paint them?” So our oak cabinets have been painted with Benjamin Moore Hepplewhite Ivory; the dirty brass cabinet knobs (and hinges) were removed and spray painted matte black.
The very next thing on the list is to lift up the existing linoleum floor; buy windows for the south side; and figure out how to heat the space this coming winter. Our kitchen is very usable right now. We will be doing laundry in no time!