It was a long winter…but, I am still not quite ready for spring. There is so much pressure to have a good-looking, or at least respectable-looking yard. (I am not ready to use that 6-letter word, garden.) Please keep in mind that I am an “interior” designer.

Now that spring is here, our time is divided between indoors and outdoors. Not to mention, at the Kimball’s…hiking…antiquing, and etc. We have decided that we are on the 5-yr plan…which means we have 2.5 years left to go!

Bill has made a lot of progress in the kitchen. Beams, floor, walls, trims…all ready for paint. I have contributed some—mostly lunch, the social calendar, and keeping Indie the cat occupied abnd out of the way. Summer is on the way. We are gearing up for a lot of weekends at the lake.