Well, spring came back this year. We had some very beautiful,

warm days in early April. It gave us a head start on garden and yard work.
Even with all the work to be done inside, the weather was so beautiful,
it was impossible to stay inside.

Sand, salt, and plow marks covered the grass and tore into the ground.
It looked so bad that I thought about entering the “desperate landscape”
competition, but, because our house is so cute, I thought… we would never win.
We are lucky to have such nutrient-rich soil. There is a hill of conservation
land backing up to our property. The spring thaw melts right down into
our land. Everything is recovering well, especially the weeds.
I was prepared for the pollen, the black flies, and a long day in the yard.
In the end, I didn’t need the surgical mask or the ear plugs. When our hand-me-down* lawn mower started to smoke, I gave it, and myself, a short break. Everything worked out just fine. The following morning at breakfast we read an advertisement on our place-mat for a Yard and Lawn Care company. The next day he was at The Little Brick House giving us an estimate.
*This high-powered work horse came from my sister Kathy’s house and before that my Mom and Dad’s house in Canton.
It is quite likely 25 years old.