The Little Brick House has furniture. An antiqued gate-leg table was added to the Dining

Room, and a sofa and lamps were added to the Living Room. Because we are living in the house,
we wanted to add enough furniture to make it feel comfy and cozy, but, not too much furniture
as there is still much work to be done.

The preliminary furniture plans were done early on. Many people don’t realize how critical the scale of furniture is to a space. The furniture plan is the number one tool a designer uses for space analysis. It will give you a general sense of how much furniture feels right and how to place it for the best functionality.

Wallpaper and fabric. I looked for inspiration in Marie Finnerty’s* portrait. There is a beautiful flower rendered in pastel yellow and green on her lapel. The transom windows are also yellow and green. When I came across a linen plaid fabric by Rogers and Goffigon, I knew I had found the perfect compliment. The walls were painted BM antique white. The sofa is in a stock fabric from Crate and Barrel.

The house has such a simple form. I thought wallpaper in the entry and bedrooms would be a nice choice. And a nature theme seemed to make sense in our “country house”. The charcoal gray and off-white printed paper I selected for the Entry is very appealing. Simultaneously, simple and sophisticated. And I think the faded quality will work well in an antique home. The bedroom papers will follow suit. All the decor will be very simple in the bedrooms, the wallpaper will do all the work!
*Bill has a beautiful portrait of his mother, Marie. It hangs in the Living Room.