Today’s post is brought to you by ‘Bill’

Even the best laid plans are no match for an antique house. With high expectations and armed with environmentally safe cleaning products (to protect our delicate septic system as well as the creeks running either side of the lot) we scheduled the water to be turned on at the street by the Harrison* Water District.

All went smoothly, with no leaks or burst pipes, but when we went to turn on the oil fired hot water tank …………. nothing. After fiddling and diddling for an hour and a half i discovered there was a short in the fuse box. No cleaning this weekend! We’ll have to call an electrician.

On a brighter note, Gordon* stopped by to say hello. He had removed some trees and a treehouse on the property last fall and offered to remove the construction debris for us at about a third of the cost of renting a dumpster. He had arranged with a friend to burn all the wood scraps for a bon-fire and haul the rest to the town dump.

So, with some time freed up i took to building those bird houses for our feathered friends and if they like them i’ll build some more!

*North Bridgton’s water is supplied by the town of Harrison, Maine, just to the north.
*Gordon is our local go-to guy for tree service, general home repairs, and all around Mainer-way-of-life consultant.