We own two homes now. A weekday home and a weekend home. It is twice the work and double the fun.

Cooking, house-cleaning, laundry—those domestic tasks don’t go away. Doing laundry is a weekly challenge. Our bags fill the VW to capacity and give Indie* a nice big cushion for the long car ride. Thank goodness for Squeaky Clean.**

Weekends exist for us to relax and unwind-but, who does that anyway? A change of scenery is good for the soul. Bridgton is a great place to be if you choose to renovate a home. We work a lot and relax a little. A late afternoon at the lake can’t be beat after a do-it-yourself project.

Our home, much like our design work, is a work in progress. We like to create things in our minds. We like to make things with our hands. And we like the process of them coming together.
We anticipate the end, but, we are enjoying the work as we go.

*Our sparky cat, Independence.
**the local laundromat that accepts drop-offs